Welcome to the Media Center

The media center is a part of the IT-Service Center at the Technische Universität München and is a competence center for the conception, design, prduction and use of media and the support of the members of t he university in the use of emedia and elearning in research, apprenticeships and publicity.


Would you like to enrich and support your courses by applying digital media and modern information and communication technology in your teaching?
As a competence center for elearning, we offer you the tools an services including courses and consulting to enable you to do so. read more


Are you searching for professional support for the design of web-sites, online teaching and learning programs and print and electronic media products?

The media center offers you a wide range of services. We will gladly consult with you on the conception and design of the materials which you need and creativily realize your drafts. read more


Would you like to create a movie, edit and compose video sequences, offer them in the required formats or record and publish videos of special events?

The media center has a broad range of technical solutions backed up by professional expertise. Based on your requirements, we will develop a perfectly tailored solution. read more